Tropic Culture Studios (TC Recording and Sound) is a full service provider for the music/entertainment industry. We work with talented individuals and are based out of the Charlotte, NC area. Our network with musicians, producers, arrangers, and professionals will surely allow for a successful professional result of your next project.


Mastering is the last crucial step before your project gets released to the real world. So much time and effort has been put on your project. It would be unfortunate to not get it professionally mastered. We have some of the most sought after equipment for mastering. Let us know how we can help you and we look forward towards working on your next project.

"All of my sessions with Jorge at Tropic Culture Studio and Audio Production is stellar! Great gear, great room, great engineering and even better company! Normally after sessions we spend more time talking gear and learning new ways to be more efficient in production. I fly from the west coast for Tropic Culture. I will never allow any other engineer to work on my projects." 

Christopher V. Turner

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A great mix will become a great Master. Mixing is one of the most important steps before mastering. In many instances we have found poor audio tracks mixed and mastering will not fix a poor mix. It has to be fixed during the mixing process, For all these reasons we offer mixing services.

"I received more than studio time, i got a true experience working with Tropic Culture studio. Not only do the operate with cutting edge, top of the line equipment, but the service was personable and made me feel at home!! Definitely my favorite establishment yet!!"

Fros E.

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The most critical part of the entire process is recording. Recording good maintained instruments in a good room will make the mixing process a less stressful ordeal. Good recording equipment with a good engineer and a good sounding room will collectively make a great sounding project. Bad recording practices and techniques can cause the mix to become less than ideal for a professional sounding project. It is important to understand gain structure and level differences between the analog domain and digital domain. Good microphone techniques and understanding the vision of the project will allow for a great start to the extended process of finalizing a song.

"We recorded demo tracks recently at Tropic Culture. Extremely professional and easy to work with. Incredible experience overall. We will definitely be back!!"

Jennifer R.

"Very helpful and accommodating. Amazing studio."

Clarissa C.


Live Sound Production

Live sound production from an experienced engineer. If you need a sound engineer to run Front of House or Monitors, we are here to help. We also have light and sound systems that can accommodate from a small to medium size event of about 1500 people. We have done sound production for festivals, churches, private parties and corporate events. For more information and pictures head over to the live sound corner of the website.

"Great experience I would recommend TC Studios to any musician in charlotte. great sound great location great experience overall"
- Bakalao Stars

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Our network of musicians, arrangers and producers enable us to create a team of talented individuals to see your project a reality. We have Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Indie Rock, Among other genres of production. We can provide horn arrangement, transcribe your music, a lead sheet, or charts for your song. Pricing is based on project and complexity. Contact us to discuss what your needs may be.

"Went in to record a 3 song demo. The studio has top notch equipment and Jorge really can dial up great guitar and drum sounds in a flash! Vocals came out fantastic as well. Highly recommended! A+++++++ "

Zoltan Von Bury

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