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Busy, Busy, Busy 

It has been a minute since my last post regarding Martin Musaubach album winning the Golden Melody Award. But this is not for that but for the blessings and opportunities god has put in front of me. 

It has been a busy time with music productions and I can't seem to find an end to the madness. Among all the chaos that has come my way I managed to get engaged to one of the most wonderful human beings ever sat on this earth. Thats all I'm going to say about that, :)

What I want to do is provide you with a list of projects that we have been working on since our last post. A list of projects that have been released and some that have not. 

Always stay tuned and go to our Project Page to see whats new in the music world coming from Tropic Culture Studio. 

Please support all that you can, as every individual in the music industry is hard at work trying to figure out this jungle of an industry. Please go listen to their music, if you like it. Buy it if it talks to you. Support anyway you can. I am sure we will all appreciate the support and feedback.

OK no more talking (typing, LOL!)

Here we go: (PS: if I forget someone please let me know and I will include in an updated blog, :)!)

1. Check out Matt Rath new Album: "At The Table" - We got the privilege to Master this album and I love the vibe and feel of Matt's music. 

2. Check out Ronnie Wrights new Album: "A.K.A. Bespeak" - This is a killer album as well. Just released and i Think you will be impressed as much as I was.

3. Check Out Niquays' new single: "3G" - Beautiful song with a twist of Gospel and Urban (Hip Hop) flavors. 

4. Check Out Levell Hedgspeth song: "He Cares" - Great Gospel song.

5. Check Out Javier Mendoza: "Esa Mujer" - Great Salsa song. Im kind bias to Latin music. So its always fun to get to work on some. :)

6. Check Out Elu: "Lay You Down" - An upbeat Hip Hop song that will make you want to dance. 

7. Check Out SIP Wilson: "Everything" - A cool Chill Hip Hop song with a message. go check it out.

8. Check out Remixes by John Michael Di Spirito: "New Rules by Dua Lipa" and "Last Dance by Dua Lipa". John has gone and done some House Dance versions.

9. Check Out Ben Allen Bands new single: "Loving You Right Now" - Country music at its finest.

10. Check Out Tom Dixon: "Alive Day" -  Another great Country song to go listen.

11. Check out Subliminal: "Self-Meditation" - great hip hop song with a good message.


OK its late and I'm tired. I know I missed some so apologies in advance.


Also be on the look out for upcoming releases from the artist above and some from:

Adrian Crutchfield
Ryan Saranich
Orquesta Mayor
New Power Soul
Marva King
The Queens Guard
Sanchia Chapman
Chris Turner
Diamonds and Whiskey
Bakalao Stars

and many more that I'm forgetting at the moment. 

Until next time -- keep working hard to reach your dreams what ever that may be --

Checking out

J.E. - Tropic Culture Studio


Excited to announce that Martin Musaubach's Album: "All Kinds Of Good"  won a Grammy at the 2017 Indie Golden Melody Award for "Jazz Album of the Year", Award ceremony held in Asia. This album was recoded in all parts of the world including here at Tropic Culture Studios and was finally Mixed and Mastered here at Tropic Culture Studios in its entirety. We are super excited for Martin and his accomplishment. Martin was also awarded "Piano Player of the Year". Great work for the entire team involved in making this happen. 

New look and workflow in the making, new release 

So we have been retrofitting, shifting and integrating some new equipment, furniture, and workflow into the studio. The new workflow will allow us to provide a little more room for recording and centralize all the tools we use for Mastering, Mixing and Recording.

Pictures and videos coming soon!


Stay Tuned.


Bakalao Stars just released a new single called "OLA". check it out. We recorded and Mastered the song. the song was mixed in Miami. Pretty cool in day in age to be able to have songs bounce around all over the world.



Amazing Year so Far and more coming!!! 


I can not say or speak in words how we feel. All we can say it has been a blessed 2017 so far and we are still excited to for the upcoming releases later this year.

So far this year:

1. Adrian Crutchfield Albums: Leap - has made the smooth jazz top 30 bill board charts, running at number 29 on May 20, 2017. His album is doing great in Europe and al parts of the world. As a matter of fact I just heard he got booked to go to Europe. Congrats to Adrian and we are very proud of being part of his musical journey. Here is an article written by the Charlotte Observer to help promote his new album , it also kinda gives you an idea what kind of person he is, enjoy:

Here is one of my favorite songs in the album:


2. We received some wonderful news that Martin Musaubach's Album : "All Kinds of Good" got three Grammy nominations in China for 1. Best Album, 2. Best Album Production and 3. Best Composer. WoooHooo we are now Grammy nominated individuals. Well it hasn't hit me yet, but, ok great lets keep moving forward. The Chinese Grammy ceremony was held June 24, 2017. Immediately, I called Martin to find out what was the outcome. Well, Sony Records won all the awards, but for an independent Artist like Martin, it is a great accomplishment. We are so proud of this milestone and cant wait to get going with his new project. its going to be killer. If you have not gotten the chance to take a listen to this instrumental album, well, you're missing out. You can get it for free from his website: go to the All Kinds of Good tab.

Here is one of my favorite songs in the album with a little tango flare:

3. There are several projects in the making and we are excited to get those to the world. So keep on the look out as we get them released.


Grateful to be part of something we love and be a part of such great talent that comes across our way. It is surreal to be involved and engraved someone journey. Could ask for more in life.

Hope all is well in your world and keep your head up.

until next time.

TC Studio, checking out.

Just Released: "LEAP" by Adrian Crutchfield 

We are so excited that LEAP is finally out in the world. Adrian is a great friend who we've known for more than 15 years. He has made great accomplishments through his career. He is the sax player for Anthony Hamilton, Ceelo Greene, Bette Middler, Lionel Richie and Prince (RIP). One of my favorite songs on the Album is the last song of the album named: "Give Love (Now And Then)".

Here it is:

Hope you like and can support Adrian in his musical destiny.

You can get it here on Itunes: Just click the link LEAP.

Enjoy! Untill next time: The Tropic Culture Team!!

R&B/Soul project in the making 

Just got done with recording the rhythm tracks for Ronnie Wrights' next album. Ronnie Wright and Chris Turner flew from out of state to come work with Charlottes talented musicians and Tropic Culture Studio for the upcoming "BeSpeak: Adore" Album.

Ronnie and Chris were vital to the previous compilation project: "BeSpeak: Love" . The past project had one song considered for Grammy nominations last year.

I cant wait to get their new project back from all the tracking they still have to do and get started on the next phase.

Stay Tuned and keep a look out for "BeSpeak: Adore". In the meantime, if you haven't had a chance to check out "BeSpeak: Love", do yourself a favor and listen to the compilation album. Its out on ITunes, youtube, and every means you can imaging.

Until Next time........

Tropic Culture Studio

Working away, New Projects on the Horizon!!! 

It has been a pretty exciting year as more projects get finalized and started. Just got finished with Adrian Crutchfields new Album "Leap". Cant wait to see it get out to the public. Adrian is now working with some promoters and getting all the ducks in the road taken care off. It should be out by first quarter of of 2017. Keep a look out for the album as its going to be a great piece of work. Two years in the making.....

In Turn, My brother (Aria Cruz) and I have finally started to finalize some of his music "Electro Love" is the name of the group and it will have a Soul-Pop feel to the music he is writing. We can't wait for all to hear and listen. After he made the decision to head over to Los Angeles two years ago, it has been a rollercoaster and i know that this is going to be a great part of his history. Keep in the loop as we are starting to put hints of music out online. You can go to and get a taste of whats coming out in early 2017.

There are several projects we have started and will keep you in the loop on them as we get all finalized. Until than keep supporting our friends and musical family. Its not an easy thing to pursue and a lot of heart and effort gets put into all that you hear. 

Until next time, 

Music, Music, Music 

It has been a great time working on so many music projects that I would like to share with you the different talented artist on the horizon and the projects that we have helped developed to its final release.  You can always come through the website and see what's cooking and what we have released as the latest project. Below are artist we have helped and have released their music to the world. If you like it: help support, come to a live concert, follow them in social media, download the music, help spread the word. As my Brother always says "Live to Love, Love to Live" and part of that enjoyment is being enriched with arts and music of all forms and colors. More to come in the near future for upcoming releases. Enjoy!! Hasta la Proxima. Tropic Culture Studios.. 

FYI, Most of the artist can be searched on YouTube to listen. 

Artist: Martin Musaubach 
Album: All Kinds of Good 
Genre: Jazz, World, (Argentina and Asian Influences) 
FREE download at!blank/c23q9 

Artist: Ryan Saranich 
Album: Foodventures 
Genre: Funk, Jazz 
can be downloaded on ITunes:

Artist: Rosewave 
Songs: A few singles 
Genre: Alternative, Rock, Indie Rock 
can be heard on their reverbnation page here: 

Artist: Olga Muse 
Album: Dare To Dream 
Genre: World, Christian 
Can be downloaded on ITunes: 

Artist: Multiple 
Album: BESPEAK Love Compilation Album 
Genre: R&B and Soul 
Can be downloaded on ITunes: 

More to come soon.....

"Erotika" by Bakala Stars 

We just got done with a fun single for Bakalao Stars. It will be released this month and they have a release concert set for June 24, 2016 at the Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC.

Follow them on Facebook ( and keep tabs on the release coming soon....

This Latin Reggae/Ska song was a collaboration between Bakalao Stars and some of the boys from Locos Por Juana. It was a fun song to work on and to capture what they were wanting as a feel, sound, and vision. We sat down during the mixing process and adjusted things to make it fuse together.

At the mastering phase it was all glued together and but to its sonic stamp. Make sure to keep tabs and be ready, :)

--The Tropic Culture Team

Martin Musaubach: "All Kinds of Good Released 

Finally its here for your pleasure and the best thing above all it's FREE!!! Martin is genuine person in his own right and releasing this album for free just shows you what kind of person and artist he has become. This album was an enjoyable process. Recorded here in Charlotte, NC, Argentina and Taiwan. Martin is a world traveler and resides in Taiwan. He traveled across the world to come work with us and we are so humbled and grateful for the opportunity. This album has many flavors and feels from tango to jazz to asian intricacies, its "All Kinds of Good". Download FREE!! Here at!blank/c23q9

Get it and share it. Enjoy!!

Always on your side and there for you: the Tropic Culture Team.

Adios, :)