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It has been a great time working on so many music projects that I would like to share with you the different talented artist on the horizon and the projects that we have helped developed to its final release.  You can always come through the website and see what's cooking and what we have released as the latest project. Below are artist we have helped and have released their music to the world. If you like it: help support, come to a live concert, follow them in social media, download the music, help spread the word. As my Brother always says "Live to Love, Love to Live" and part of that enjoyment is being enriched with arts and music of all forms and colors. More to come in the near future for upcoming releases. Enjoy!! Hasta la Proxima. Tropic Culture Studios.. 

FYI, Most of the artist can be searched on YouTube to listen. 

Artist: Martin Musaubach 
Album: All Kinds of Good 
Genre: Jazz, World, (Argentina and Asian Influences) 
FREE download at!blank/c23q9 

Artist: Ryan Saranich 
Album: Foodventures 
Genre: Funk, Jazz 
can be downloaded on ITunes:

Artist: Rosewave 
Songs: A few singles 
Genre: Alternative, Rock, Indie Rock 
can be heard on their reverbnation page here: 

Artist: Olga Muse 
Album: Dare To Dream 
Genre: World, Christian 
Can be downloaded on ITunes: 

Artist: Multiple 
Album: BESPEAK Love Compilation Album 
Genre: R&B and Soul 
Can be downloaded on ITunes: 

More to come soon.....

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