Working away, New Projects on the Horizon!!!

It has been a pretty exciting year as more projects get finalized and started. Just got finished with Adrian Crutchfields new Album "Leap". Cant wait to see it get out to the public. Adrian is now working with some promoters and getting all the ducks in the road taken care off. It should be out by first quarter of of 2017. Keep a look out for the album as its going to be a great piece of work. Two years in the making.....

In Turn, My brother (Aria Cruz) and I have finally started to finalize some of his music "Electro Love" is the name of the group and it will have a Soul-Pop feel to the music he is writing. We can't wait for all to hear and listen. After he made the decision to head over to Los Angeles two years ago, it has been a rollercoaster and i know that this is going to be a great part of his history. Keep in the loop as we are starting to put hints of music out online. You can go to and get a taste of whats coming out in early 2017.

There are several projects we have started and will keep you in the loop on them as we get all finalized. Until than keep supporting our friends and musical family. Its not an easy thing to pursue and a lot of heart and effort gets put into all that you hear. 

Until next time, 

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