Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been a minute since my last post regarding Martin Musaubach album winning the Golden Melody Award. But this is not for that but for the blessings and opportunities god has put in front of me. 

It has been a busy time with music productions and I can't seem to find an end to the madness. Among all the chaos that has come my way I managed to get engaged to one of the most wonderful human beings ever sat on this earth. Thats all I'm going to say about that, :)

What I want to do is provide you with a list of projects that we have been working on since our last post. A list of projects that have been released and some that have not. 

Always stay tuned and go to our Project Page to see whats new in the music world coming from Tropic Culture Studio. 

Please support all that you can, as every individual in the music industry is hard at work trying to figure out this jungle of an industry. Please go listen to their music, if you like it. Buy it if it talks to you. Support anyway you can. I am sure we will all appreciate the support and feedback.

OK no more talking (typing, LOL!)

Here we go: (PS: if I forget someone please let me know and I will include in an updated blog, :)!)

1. Check out Matt Rath new Album: "At The Table" - We got the privilege to Master this album and I love the vibe and feel of Matt's music. 

2. Check out Ronnie Wrights new Album: "A.K.A. Bespeak" - This is a killer album as well. Just released and i Think you will be impressed as much as I was.

3. Check Out Niquays' new single: "3G" - Beautiful song with a twist of Gospel and Urban (Hip Hop) flavors. 

4. Check Out Levell Hedgspeth song: "He Cares" - Great Gospel song.

5. Check Out Javier Mendoza: "Esa Mujer" - Great Salsa song. Im kind bias to Latin music. So its always fun to get to work on some. :)

6. Check Out Elu: "Lay You Down" - An upbeat Hip Hop song that will make you want to dance. 

7. Check Out SIP Wilson: "Everything" - A cool Chill Hip Hop song with a message. go check it out.

8. Check out Remixes by John Michael Di Spirito: "New Rules by Dua Lipa" and "Last Dance by Dua Lipa". John has gone and done some House Dance versions.

9. Check Out Ben Allen Bands new single: "Loving You Right Now" - Country music at its finest.

10. Check Out Tom Dixon: "Alive Day" -  Another great Country song to go listen.

11. Check out Subliminal: "Self-Meditation" - great hip hop song with a good message.


OK its late and I'm tired. I know I missed some so apologies in advance.


Also be on the look out for upcoming releases from the artist above and some from:

Adrian Crutchfield
Ryan Saranich
Orquesta Mayor
New Power Soul
Marva King
The Queens Guard
Sanchia Chapman
Chris Turner
Diamonds and Whiskey
Bakalao Stars

and many more that I'm forgetting at the moment. 

Until next time -- keep working hard to reach your dreams what ever that may be --

Checking out

J.E. - Tropic Culture Studio

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