Fresh off the press: Ryan Saranich & Pocket Language; FOODVENTURES

Fresh off the press, On February 19, 2016 Ryan Saranich Released his latest album: "Foodventures". Ryan and Pocket Language have a lot of history together and they have come together one more time to create this exciting jazz/funk album. Help support and grab you a copy on itunes and other mediums. This was a fun project to be involved in and as you know a continued learning experience for all projects we get involved with here at TC Recording Studio. The recording process was not just done here but all around the states. Drums were recorded at TC recording studio. along with a few lead sax takes and some of the horns. After Ryan and Pocket Language finish their recordings they gave us the pleasure of mixing and mastering this great and fun project. We are very grateful for the opportunity and we hope that you can enjoy the creation. 

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