Great Start 2016!!

We are grateful for a great 2015 and ready for 2016. Started off to a trip to NAMM 2016. Our 5th year going there to meet, greet, network and provide audio engineering services to the forever growing Légere Jazz Jam. Now it has become a 5 hour private networking event where some great artist perform through out the night from all over the world.
This year I got a close up selfie of Stevie Wonder, wondering around the NAMM floor. :)!

I also got lucky and got to see him perform randomly at a booth with his Harmonica. He just walked up and started to jam with the presenting artist at the moment in time. I happen to be in there at the front when all these security guards started making room for him to come up., Oh Yeah!!!

Another fortunate thing happened that I  won a raffle at the Universal Audio Booth. Won a Twin Apollo Duo, :)!

I also got to meet some great people and say hi to old friends that I don't get to talk too to much through out the year. One particular new person that I met was Tony Succar. He is the reason the "Unity - A Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson" album happened. He produced and played Timbales on the record. It was great to finally meet him in person. If you haven't had a chance to listen, you need to do yourself a favor and go get the album. I'm just saying, :) !!!

Off to a great start and several projects lined up for 2016.

Stay Tuned as we start updating more consistently on this blog with News, tips, tricks, happenings, etc..

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