Tropic Culture Studio was established in 2010 and have had the opportunity to work with many artist, producers, and corporations throughout the years. Below are services we offer. Contact Us to discuss further.


We specialize in the Mastering process.
  • Mastering for Itunes
  • Mastering for Vinyl
  • Mastering for digital platforms
  • Mastering for Video and Broadcasting
  • Mastering for CD
  • Stem Mastering Services

We look forward to hear from you and getting your mastering  taken care off to meet your needs.


    A great mix will become a great Master. Mixing is one of the most important steps before mastering. In many instances we have found poor audio tracks mixed and mastering will not fix a poor mix. It has to be fixed during the mixing process, For all these reasons we offer mixing services.


    The most critical part of the entire process is recording. Great recordings will make the mixing process smoother. Great recording equipment with a good engineer and a great sounding room will collectively make a great sounding project.  Good techniques and understanding the vision of the project will allow for a great start to the extended process of finalizing a song.

    Live Sound

    Live sound production and recordings from an experienced engineer. If you need a sound engineer to run Front of House or Monitors, we are here to help. We have sound systems that can accommodate from a small to medium size event of about 1500 people. We have done sound production for festivals, churches, private parties and corporate events. For more information contact us to discuss your need.