Below are a few of the projects we have been involved with and their music, videos, albums and links. Come back to see more as we are adding them as they get released. You will find different style of Genres as you scroll down through the page. We have worked on Gospel, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Country, R&B, Hip Pop,  Dance, World-African and many more.  Click here for Client Reviews

Click on any of the platforms below to listen to music that has been mastered here at Tropic Culture Studio

Artist: Karen Poole
Song: "Wait For You"
Genre: Gospel
Mastered @ Tropic Culture Studio

Artist: Orquesta Mayor
Song: "Vamos A Bailar"
Genre: Latin-Salsa
Mastered and Mixed @ Tropic Culture Studio

Artist: UltimaNota
Song: "Sabes Lo Que Quiero"
Genre: Latin
Mastered and Mixed @ Tropic Culture Studio

Artist: Jay Abe Feat. Tera & $hawndawg
Song: "Good Vibes Only"
Mastered @ Tropic Culture Studio